Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It is so worth it...

                                                                 The day begins

                                     A little fog, but no problem for Agros' experienced team

                                                  New Earth boasts of its 173 families

                                  A crowded and loving reception at the Community Center

The President of Tierra Nueva proudly accepts the gift of the village's new bible from NCC, and tells the passionate story of how Agros and NCC are the Moses of the village, why the village is their promised land, and how their crops are their manna

                         The arrival of the NCC team is the most anticipated event of the year

The elders comment dozens times about joy in the hearts of the whole village in welcoming Kyra, Eliza, and Grant because it demonstrates that a new generation is interested in their future

Working in the fields under the watchful eye of the land owners

No Mark, that's now how you drink the coffee! Coffee, which takes three years to become a harvestable crop, will soon be the major saleable product of the village. . .a significant achievement 

Lunch at the home of the President of the village

One of the many new homes built in the past year. The village is now full to capacity

Henry and his proud family, finally able to make a better life for their future

The rains came all day, and the villagers told of the struggle they had in the first year when the crops failed because of a lack of rain

The next generation of villagers interacting with the NCC team all afternoon

YUP! A muddy bum is part of the deal. . .

                                                       . . ..and this is why it is so worth it

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