Monday, January 12, 2015

Discovering what's important

The team successfully met up in Houston, and after a quick visit to the Subway sandwich shop we were on our way!

Two new missionaries and one veteran of  past Nicaragua missions. Can you identify the veteran?

Pastor Mark. . . doing one of the many things he does best

30 minutes out of Managua . . .  and a flat tire on our bus. Thanks to the quick work of the Agros team we were soon on our way.

Dinner at the hotel was interrupted with an electrical blackout (and boy was it black!), but candles, I-phone screens, and a flashlight made it a night to remember

Refilling the water bottles after devotional marked the end of an important day. In the matter of a few hours we were all reminded of the important things in life . .  air, water, and most of all. . .the light.
Suddenly, trying to find out who won the Cowboys / Packers game did not seem so important. It is already an amazing mission.
Mark 16:15

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  1. Thanks for the awesome update and pictures!!! Keep them coming! I know God will bless you all during your time in Nicaragua, especially Tierra Nueva!

    Love you all!!!
    Jenn ��